Fresh is best for Millennial shoppers

Young Australians prize convenience when shopping for vegetables but are less likely to choose a quick and easy frozen option than the average Australian consumer, according to new research into the vegetable buying habits of Millennials.

Soil health delivering a wealth of benefits to veg growers

A healthy crop needs healthy soil, and with an extensive range of research and development already undertaken into soil health practices, the vegetable industry has turned its sights on translating research results into on-farm benefits.

Research fine-tunes canola disease guidelines

Western Australian trials are fine-tuning management practices to enable canola growers to best manage costly diseases such as blackleg and sclerotinia.

Attention to detail can help prevent spray drift risk

Paying close attention to spray conditions and application methods will enable grain growers to achieve good spray coverage this season without creating a spray drift risk.

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with diseases, pests and weeds

7171-sheep-menTwo of the simplest, cheapest and most effective biosecurity actions you can take are monitoring and keeping a record of the health of your crops and livestock.


Port Lincoln to host Regional Outlook conference

7171-Outlook-ConferenceEconomic trends, commodity updates, industry analysis and a host of local issues affecting primary production will be on the agenda when the ABARES Regional Outlook conference comes to Port Lincoln on 18 May 2016.


China recognises first mainland Australia region as fruit fly free

Horticulture Innovation Australia welcomed a new export protocol which will allow the trade of nectarines between Australia and China, saying it marks a number of wins.

Safeguarding ag supply chain vital to industry success

WAFarmers has identified supply chain safeguards as being a key policy priority for the success of the nation's agricultural sector, ahead of the Federal Election in July.


Producer goes nuts about biosecurity at harvest time
IMG_2945Using good on farm hygiene reduces the risk of spreading pests and diseases and minimises the risks they pose to your business.
Greater certainty for Australian farmers

Australian farmers will have greater flexibility to manage their finances during tough times with the passage of legislation which will strengthen the Farm Management Deposit (FMD) scheme.

Working with international partners on animal disease preparedness

On 23 May 2016, Australia signed arrangements with international trading partners to further support the control of-and manage the effects of-emergency animal disease outbreaks.

Waratah flood posts rise to top


The devastating nature of floods in parts of the country makes it hard to believe that Australia is still described as the driest inhabited continent on Earth.


Discussion paper proposes new invasive species initiative

7171-invasivespecies-papeMajor institutional reform to support farmers and land managers combat the billion-dollar invasive species problem, has been recommended by the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre.


Today’s students, tomorrow’s agriculture leaders

Tasmania's future agricultural leaders will be acknowledged and celebrated at the 2016 University of Tasmania Agriculture Scholarships presentation at Agfest.